Fresh landscaping is a great way to boost curb appeal and update the look of a property, but costs can add up quickly. Landscaping on a budget isn’t difficult. Here are a few of the easiest ways to get started.

Landscaping on a Budget: Add Color

When landscaping on a budget, focus on a few high-impact projects instead of the entire yard. Add color strategically with bright flowers in planters. Use and improve what you already have. Instead of installing a new fence to boost curb appeal, paint or re-stain the current fence. Use paint leftover from another project to get the most for your money.

Create a Fire Pit When Landscaping on a Budget

Fire pits can be pricey, but there are many affordable ways to build one on your own. Use concrete retaining wall blocks, a fire bowl, or cinder blocks to create the fire pit. These materials effectively contain the fire without being too costly. For safety, position the firepit away from the house with no overhanging branches above the site.

Plant Trees in the Backyard

Trees take a while to grow and become established, but they will add property value over time. Trees lower your heating and cooling bills, provide shaded space to spend time on a hot summer’s day, and add curb appeal. To skip some of the waiting, purchase larger saplings that have already grown a few feet tall.

Illuminate the Landscaping

There are many pricey options for outdoor landscape lighting, but there are just as many budget-friendly picks. Look for lights that are rated for outdoor use. Solar-powered string lights will not increase your electricity bill and are inexpensive solar-powered pathway lights that improve safety while making your home more beautiful at night.

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