It’s not always easy to sell a home, but in the current market, sellers have the upper hand. This means you can often sell your home quickly and at or above the price you want. Here are a few pointers to help you prepare to sell your home. Begin working toward a successful sale while the time is right.

Start Here to Sell Your Home Successfully

What sets your home apart from others that are currently on the market? To make your property stand out, put your initial focus toward home improvement and adding curb appeal.

Get the Most Out of Your Dollar

There are countless improvement projects you can work on to increase the home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers. But if you want to sell your home for a considerable profit, don’t get carried away with improvements that aren’t completely necessary.

Start with areas of the home that are clearly deficient. If there is roofing damage or siding damage, repairs are in order. Water damage and discoloration on the ceiling or interior walls will require attention. Aside from obvious defects, update areas of the home such as the bathroomsand kitchen to attract serious buyers who aren’t looking for a fixer-upper.

Make a Good First Impression to Sell Your Home

The exterior of your home is what potential buyers see when they first drive by to take a look. An attractive home may compel them to schedule a tour. Improve curb appeal by pressure washing the exterior of your home or giving it a new coat of paint. A beautiful driveway and walkway will welcome buyers to the property. Clean the deck and paint the porch, front door, and exterior trim.

The Logistics of Selling a Home

There is a bit more to selling a home than just making it look attractive. It’s helpful to know how to navigate the process of listing a home for sale and negotiating the real estate transaction.

  • Choose a real estate agent who knows the area. A good agent will help you sell a home faster and will negotiate on your terms.
  • Your agent will assist you with listing the home and doing much of the marketing. He or she can recommend a real estate photographer who has the skills to show your home in the best light.
  • A pre-listing inspection is a great tool for a home seller. The inspector will identify deficiencies in your home that you may not know about. This gives you ample time to make repairs and improvements before the property is listed for sale.

Marked Improvement Home Inspection offers inspection services to customers in the Triangle area of North Carolina. If you’re selling a home, contact us to schedule an appointment.